2014 New Shipping Policy:

At this time we can not ship a puppy as a pet unless you or  personally see the puppy prior to sale.  A breeding prospect would be allowed to be shipped to a licensed breeder.

 Out of State Pet Buyers may either drive to my home or fly into Atlanta. If flying I would meet you at Hartsfield Airport where you could personally see the puppy prior to sale. This would allow you to catch the next flight home an hour or two later which allows you to take your puppy home as carry-on baggage in the cabin. You would be required to check with the airlines prior for their pet requirements and fees. The carry-on fee is approx. $95-$125 depending on the airline. I would recommend a soft sided carrier that fits under the seat. Approx. carry-on dimension is 8.5” high X 18.5” long X 13.5” wide.

A Buyers who lives out of state but is in town or has a friend/family member view the puppy/litter prior to sale are allowed to have the puppy shipped to them after 8 weeks of age.

Of course you are always welcome to come to my Home or possibly make arrangements for Personal Delivery. I will try to accommodate a puppy purchaser if at all possible by meeting you at a designated location. There would be a travel fee for this service depending on distance.

Please read thru this page carefully as I am sure you will learn something!

Even if you do not purchase your puppy from Garlin Dachshunds this page has information you need to know prior to selecting your breeder.

On November 18, 2013 USDA/APHIS is now enforcing new Federal regulations concerning the purchase of pets through the internet. The new rule determines who has the right to ship puppies via Airline travel without buyer and seller meeting face-to-face.

If a breeder has fewer than five breeding females, and/or allow buyers to see the puppy in person prior to purchase, then this rule does not apply.

The rule seems to indicate that if you are selling a dog as a breeding prospect, to maintain bloodlines, or for hunting, working, or security, you would be exempt

If a breeder owns more than 4 "breeding females" and sells the offspring as pets and do not wish to be regulated by USDA/APHIS, they can avoid regulation by selling all puppies/dogs in a face-to-face transaction. A face-to-face transaction includes one where the seller and buyer are physically present and the buyer has the opportunity to observe the animal before taking custody of it.

Why not become regulated you might ask?

Large commercial breeders hold USDA licenses and their breeding stock reside in USDA approved conditions based on the size of each breeding animal. USDA requires all breeding stock and offspring to be raised in an approved building meeting certain codes set forth by USDA. Basically, in order for me to become USDA licensed I would no longer be allowed to have my dachshunds living in my home and certainly would not be allowed to raise puppies underfoot in my home either. Dachshunds are companion animals and puppies do  not thrive in a kennel setting. I am not a commercial breeder; I am a hobby breeder trying to create loving family companion pets. I feel there is a big difference between puppies being raised in a family setting within the home versus a commercial building operation. Yes, basically this new law has given the commercial breeder and sometimes referred to as the puppy mill breeder the ability to sell puppies sight unseen while the reputable breeder is no longer allowed to sell puppies sight unseen even though we are the ones who want to build a life-long relationship with families who purchase one of our puppies. Therefore, in your search for the right breeder you now have this knowledge to give you more information about who you might be working with. If they can ship puppies via airline travel then they either have fewer than five breeding females or they are indeed a commercial breeder/puppy mill!

More Information about this New Law: