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Longhair and Smooth Dachshunds Pups
Tootsie & Elmo
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Garlin's Burnt Sienna- Anna is a beautiful chocolate longhair, she is Fergie daughter.11lbs
Slydox-Garlin Caffeine Buzz-
Handsome 10 lb Smooth Choc & Tan Dapple Male
Garlin Cioccolati Biscotti MS - 9 1/2lbs.
Cici is a awesome chocolate smooth female.
Garlin's Brown Speckled Hen MS - 12- lbs.
Henny is a very pretty chocolate smooth female. She is Cici & Buzz's Daughter.
Dredach Cast In Stone at Garlins  ML- This beautiful girl is pictured at 8 months old and a new addition to both our Chocolate & Cream lines!  She couldn't be any sweeter!
Ceedox Brawn 'N Bronze of Garlin  ML- 
This gorgeous longhair chocolate/tan boy is our newest addition to our Chocolate lines and future stud. (9 months)
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Breeding Chocolates:
In order to produce a chocolate pup there are a few different options.
If  both parents are chocolate this will  guarantee you all chocolate puppies.
If  both parents are chocolate carriers you may possibly get chocolate pups in a litter.
If  one parent is choc. and the other is a choc. carrier you may possibly get chocolate pups.
If only one parent carries or is choc and the parent is not choc. or carries choc. you will not get any chocolate puppies. These puppies should be chocolate carriers.
This is the only way of producing chocolate pups.
In other words,  both parents must be chocolate or chocolate carriers to produce choc puppies.
Most colors are dominant to Chocolate. A chocolate can not have any black hairs or nose. A chocolate will always have a liver nose and usually hazel or green eyes.
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